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First Spring by Margaret Rose





Springtime. Fresh sprigs of grass poke through last year’s thatch. The flapping of wings fills our ears as birds build nests. The first whiff of summer’s warmth on top of a cool spring breeze. These are familiar signs of spring to us. What if this was your first spring?  You’d wonder where the snow had disappeared and why you don’t have to bundle up in your winter jacket and mittens. You’d smell your first flower and it might make you sneeze.


I love the fresh, new perspective of Margaret Rose’s picture book, First Spring. The rhyme and meter make the story a fun read aloud and the lovely pastel illustrations by Marina Movshina, will stoke a child’s imagination.


Margaret, where did the inspiration for this point of view come from?

Thank you for having me, Kai! It's a pleasure to find a brand new blog to visit. As you so eloquently stated, springtime is for new discoveries. You never really know what lies buried under the snow when you're a young child. I've lived in the north all my life and I've always enjoyed watching little ones go outside in the spring. I think about chubby baby feet pulled back from tickly grass. My children acted the same way, and so I decided to write about these things after my second son was born.


What are the first signs of spring in your part of the country?

Mud. Everywhere. UGH. This year has been exceptionally snowy winter in Minnesota. All the sand that used to be on the streets is on the lawns and curbs. Frankly, I don't think it's pretty at all. The only fun part about early spring is people wear lighter jackets and you can identify men from women for sure at a quick glance. LOL


Books are often compared to children, for authors. What is your biggest hope for First Spring?

When I autograph these books to children, my wish is that their life is full of springtime joy. When someone reads this book to a child, I hope it inspires them to share a memory or make a new one with that child.


The reason this interview came about is because both Margaret and I shared the idea that our books would make great Easter gifts and now is the time to order to make sure you get them on time for Easter. Both books are available from Guardian Angel Publishing (links below). My ideal Easter basket has lots of Starburst jellybeans, Cadbury Eggs, a chocolate bunny (this one is peanut butter filled) and a book:

(click picture to order)


Margaret, for fun, “fill” your ideal Easter basket for us.


Let's see…chocolate is a requirement. Dark chocolate. A coupon for a nap, a bike ride, and a walk while holding my hand. A long conversation about what's happening in your life. An extra-large hug and a belly laugh 'til tears run down our faces. A busy Easter dinner after church and help with the dishes. And no crazy Easter grass in the basket because the dog drags it all over the house!


Readers, do you have a springtime memory to share? Margaret Rose is giving away an autographed copy of First Spring. Funny? Serious? Poignant? You write it. She can't wait to read it. Make sure you include your e-mail address. Contest is open through 4/14/11!


Keep up with Margaret Rose: MargaretRoseWrites.blogspot.com

Buy First Spring: http://www.guardianangelpublishing.com/first-spring.htm

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