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Unwanted Visitors...In the Shower!

I’m entrenched in writing a middle grade novel steeped in love, friendship, jealousy, bravery, cowardice, insecurities and loss.  If I try to read, instead my mind is doing character development. When I try to write a letter, my characters sit on the paper like a cat does on your keyboard.


I do my best thinking in the shower and I needed one, so I decided in order to straighten out my thoughts, I’d just go ahead and take one. So, was it slumber parties and body insecurities that show up in the shower? No. It was super villains! From the young adult fantasy series that I’m shopping right now.


I was like, “What? Who invited you?”


They smirked. Then, being villains they had to remark on how I’ve gained weight since they’ve last seen me.


To which I replied, “Shut up!” You can be mean to villains, they don’t care.


They were really obnoxious, talking about how I should rename the first book and designate a clear series title. And then they told me how I could loop back around to that theme in the second book, which I’ve written about ¼ of, but frankly, writing a second book in a series that hasn’t sold is kinda depressing to me. I’m SO not J.K. Rowling.


They wouldn’t let up! They were telling me about mood, and specific conflicts and plot twists and…you know…what am I gonna do? Ignore them? Um, no! I can see it now, “Come back when I have time for you!” They probably would’ve stolen all of my clothes.


So, needless to say, the document I opened when I got out of the shower wasn’t my middle grade WIP.




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