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I'm Honored!

Well, well, I feel honored.  I’ve been bestowed (ha ha) the Lovely Blog Award! The reason I chuckle is because Beverly Stowe McClure is the generous person who bestowed it to me. Oh, how I love word play. (I'm sure she's never heard that one.) I met Beverly almost two years ago during an online conference and we became critique buddies.  Beverly is a talented author who celebrates the release of her newest book, Just Breeze, this month. I have an interview with Beverly tagged in my memories about her book, Rebel in Blue Jeans. Please be sure to visit Beverly’s blog, The Story of a Writer, to learn more about her and to read about the other blogs she bestowed the Lovely Blog Award to.

Now I get to pass the award on.  More difficult than I expected.  I wanted to cover the blog world in awards but that would make it hard for those who get the award to pass it on!  So I restrained. Here are some of the lovely blogs I visit regularly, as well as the rules of the award:


1. Accept the award, and don't forget to post a link back to the awarding person.

2. Pass the award on.

3. Notify the award winners.


Tara Stivers – Diva Writer Tara is new to the blogging world but I love the honesty and enthusiasm of her blog voice. I hope you visit her and encourage her to continue to share a little bit of herself and her writing world with us.


Kim Kasch – A Writer’s Blog Kim is a fellow Pacific North Westerner, though she lives near the big city and the great writing conferences, not on the other side of the mountain range, like me. One of these days I will meet Kim in person at one of those awesome conferences! Kim’s blog is a fabulous mix of writing and her. I’ve always enjoyed visiting it, I hope you do too.


Jennifer Porter’s Life on Misfit Acres. Jennifer is a past critique partner. I miss seeing her in the web but I love to visit her blog.

Thank you ladies for your contributions and thank you Beverly for the award.
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