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Knowonder Relaunch - A Story A Day

Parents, teachers, caregivers. Grandparents, counselors, aunts. Lend me your ear.

Knowonder, an online children’s magazine, is announcing its relaunch. It is bigger and better than ever! Promising a story a day, Knowonder is a valuable partner for parents and educators in promoting literacy. Some of the exciting features the newly redesigned site offers is:

§         New stories every day

§         3 new non-fiction articles each week

§         8 content categories, including classic favorites, kid stories and kid art

§         Contests & prizes; your opinion matters! Vote for your favorites to assure you see more like them in the future!

§         IPhone app available

§         Android app coming soon!

I am thrilled to be a staff writer for this newly designed site, but they are still open for submissions. Check the site for guidelines.

TODAY is the big day. Click on over to the newly designed Knowonder website. Browse, read, vote, read, download apps, read. Like what you see? Share, share, share. I’d love if you would help paper the internet with the news. Post a link on your Facebook page. Tweet about it. Email it to family and friends.

Then, visit daily and share a new story each day with your children.

Happy reading!
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